Welcome to the Fish Eggs' Website!

Oh? It appears that I have failed to materialize. My apologies

It looks like you have successfully stumbled and fumbled you way onto my site, and as reward I will properly welcome you. My name is Fish Eggs, my pronouns are he/she/they, I am an aromantic asexual agender individual and a professional gamer. I am currently thinking about the Bomberman franchise.

Also check it out I've got my very own button, pretty cool right? You've got my full permission to slap this on your website if you so desire.

Sorry, button privelages revoked

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And because I can here are links to the websites of buddies that I think that you should check out because they are very cool

Leafplace by Ian Boni!

These are games and other stuff I have obsessed over already and would be happy to talk about

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Okay last one, check out my itch.io page I got like three Nuclear Throne mods there