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This page is being worked on so watch your step

On the off chance you were thinking "man I should make my own Neocities website." Well Then I would love to help you get started as there's a few things to know when creating your website.

Firstly, check out the Neocities beginner's guide because it is very helpful as a start to html with basic text stuff.

You done with that? Okay cool now onto the "very helpful to know" stuff

Every Neocities Dashboard comes with a file named style.css, what is it? The tutorial doesn't mention it. Well it's kind of like a rule sheet for each page of your website to follow that globally affects the styling of your website. Like instead of setting the background and font color on each seperate html you can just set it here and it'll carry over to every html that calls it. Each html created on your dashboard should call it by nature so you don't need to worry about it. A note regarding the style.css, I've noticed before that it takes a while before changes to the style sheet would visually appear on my side, so I recommend force reloading the page by pressing Ctrl + F5. Doing it this way refreshes the caches or something but after that the changes should appear.

This paragraph will go into example code for the style.css to use that uses images to help illustrate my advice but I haven't gotten to that part yet so shush.

An important tool in learning how to do things in html is not only by searching up terms that might be what you're looking for, but also checking out the source code of websites others have made. Basically you can either right click on someone's website and press "View page source" (or just press Ctrl + U) and you'll get a view of the code that went into creating the website. You can also press F12 to go into Inspect Element to get a more hands down look into the code where you can highlight specific parts and view what it takes from the page's called style.css on the side. Again, this is incredibly helpful for learning how to code things for your website, it's how I got the sidebar to exist so I can't recommend doing this enough.